888 Holdings Takes Important Step Forward by Launching New Poker 8 Platform

888Poker is regarded as one of the leading UK Casinos Sites and poker rooms attracting huge numbers of recreational players. 888 Holdings has announced the launch of its latest generation poker platform: Poker 8. The brand-new platform added across the next few months will be available on the 888poker.com network. Intended to update the 888poker site, the Poker 8 platform is aimed at catering to the new age of poker enthusiasts.

The newly released Poker 8 software appears similar to the current 888Poker’s software, providing online players with a sense of acquaintance. Both the cash game and tournament lobbies remain the same to ensure easy navigation. So are the various menus enabling profile editing, withdrawing/depositing options and the settings are where Poker 8 comes to life.

Guy Cohen, Senior Vice-President of B2C at 888 Holdings shared that all players will benefit from the improvements and additional upgrades. Across the upcoming month, the next generation poker platform will come into effect and all players feedback taken into consideration. Once the Poker 8 roll-out completes, Cohen believes the best-in-class platform will provide the most engaging and entertaining experience.

888 Holdings Adds Avatar Fun to Poker Enjoyment

UK New Casinos and New Casinos endorsed by livecasinoexpert.com increase online players fun via the addition of a gamification-feel through avatars. 888Poker utilizes this fun aspect to its fullest at the tables, providing participants with the opportunity to throw objects at their opponents. A right-click on the avatar of the opponent offers the option of throwing an animated cake, egg or trophy. You also get to tag rivals via different colours after double-clicking reveals important information. This includes where the player is from as well as the time spends at the table. Check our latest post for netent live casino games here

888Poker Addresses All Suggestions & Complaints via Poker 8 Platform

888poker replaced the large chat window with chat bubbles opening up in an unobtrusive way, only visible during chats. The new tables offer uncluttered, crisp and clean visuals while a handy tool helps improve players poker skills. The Poker 08 platform is in place to improve everything about the 888poker experience, starting with a cleaner design. Another major focal point is a smoother transition for players to switch between multiple tables. The press release also mentions several unspecified enhancements, better graphics as well as an enhancement to both the desktop and mobile platforms.

To keep up with the ever-increasing competition via UK New Casinos and UK Casino sites, the table experience is completely altered. 888 players are centred at the bottom of the screen, tables offer a slightly angled perspective and the cards are tilted. A host of new high definition backgrounds is offered, several games have been styled unique, Snap and Blast tables are distinct. Overall animations are smoother, the sound has improved and the new replayer feature makes it easy to view previous hands.

Other Recent Move at 888 Holdings

Only a week prior to the introduction of Poker 8, 888 Holding announced the acquirement of JPJ Group’s Mandalay business. The transaction came to £18 million, including an initial payment of £12 million followed by £6 million in September. The main objective behind the deal is that 888 now owns several bingo assets, which were previously JPJ Group controlled. These include Costa Bingo offering 888 the possibility of gaining access into the thriving UK bingo market.

JPJ Group feels that the 888 acquisition leaves them free to create a single-brand strategy to enter the UK market via JackpotJoy. JPJ will face a new competitor in the extremely competitive UK market. While a combined press release indicates that the JPJ strategy is focused on optimising returns via marketing investments.

The JPJ acquisition is not the only one made by 888 Holdings, which also agreed to purchase BetBright for £15 million. The controversial deal with the Irish company, BetBright, ends its existence as a bookmaker.

According to Pazner, 888 plans to enrol the technology used by the former bookmaker into its own products. This includes the BetBright technology across poker, sportsbetting, online casino and bingo platforms.

888 also made its intentions clear when it acquired the All American Network of Poker previously from Avenue OLG Entertainment. Originally All American Network of Poker was a joint venture between Avenue OLG Entertainment and 888 Holdings.

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