Casino Slots

Gambling is one of the biggest platforms of personal and public entertainment in the world and it comes as no surprise that there are several different types of casino games that cater to players’ varying desires. Perhaps the popular of said games are the casino slots. Known for attracting players of different ages and experience levels, slot games are loved mainly for their relative simplicity compared to other types of casino games and the online versions are especially referred for their attractive themes and convenient gameplay.

Why are casino slots so popular?

There is no denying that a casino with slot machines is likely to attract more visitors than one without. Casino slots are incredibly popular and deservedly so for many different reasons including the following:

  • They are easy to play and understand

Card and table games can be quite complicated, especially if you are new to them. They do require a lot of time and skill to figure out how best to win big and not many players can consider themselves as gurus. Casino slot machines however, are pretty easy to understand and even the ones that have more adventurous themes are never too complex to master. Anyone can win big on a slot machine and that feature alone is one of the reasons they are incredibly popular.

  • The online experience is very similar to the real-life experience

One of the things many players notice when they play casino slots online, is how realistic the gameplay, graphics and themes are. Online slots are the much needed alternative that players can rely on to keep them entertained without making regular and sometimes unnecessarily expensive trips to physical casinos.

  • They are fair compared to other games

You might have noticed that table and card casino games can seem rigged from time to time. Too many players are all too familiar with the scenario of a dealer winning game after game no matter how strategical the player might be.Fortunately, slot games don’t seem to fall in that same line and many players appreciate how easy it is to go on winning streaks when they are playing.

  • Convenience at its finest

Out of all the online casino games you could play, none are as convenient as the slot games. From the actual casino to laptops, desktops and mobile devices, casino slots are convenient. You don’t need to go to a special room or master unique software to play slot games and with the option to play for free from your own home, you can have plenty of fun without losing any money.

 Online slot machines or local slot machines?

Physical casinos still draw in vast amounts in revenue on an annual basis but, online casinos are also a big attraction for players who don’t want to travel to play. So, that brings to mind the question, “Which is better?”. When it comes to convenience, you can’t deny that online slot machines are superior, bar none. Nothing beats playing from the comfort of your own home and no matter how exciting the real life experience may be, online slot machines offer the kind of flexibility and convenience that players appreciate.

With that in mind, a lot of online games still struggle to create exact replicas of physical slot machines. Sure, the graphics, audio and gameplay is identical but, there is something about being in a room pumped full of oxygen, mingling scents of cologne and perfume and the excited clinks of money filled slot machines that an online game simply can’t provide. In general, if you are more about the general experience and excitement then local slots might be a better choice but, if you value winning big from the comfort of your home or office, then online slot machines are the best option.

How to play slot machines

When you visit your local casino, you’ll find that the most most popular reel spinning slots are the dollar, quarter, nickel and penny slots. You can find some casino slots in UK that offer lower and even much higher denominations but the aforementioned are the most common. The standard slot can take a maximum of 3 coins at any given time but video slots can take as many as 500 coins. In the past, slot machines had levers that you would have to pull to spin the reels but as time has passed, many slot developers have added a button that you press. It’s still possible to find slot machines with levers but, they have largely been replaced by new technology.

The number of pay lines available depends on the type of slot machine you are playing. You can have as few as 9 pay lines or as many as 50. The main objective is to secure a winning combination after spinning the reels which will be credited to your account. Many modern slots have a button that you can press to cash out your winnings but that is only possible if you are playing for real money. In the case of online machines, the winnings can be withdrawn to your personal banking account or e-wallet. If you are lucky enough, you might still be able to find old slot machines that drop the coins into the tray beneath the slot machine.

 What are the slot machine bonuses

Winning at a casino slot is exciting but, like any other casino games, scoring bonuses is even better. In general, a casino slot bonus is designed to add some excitement to the game and give players incentive to try out the slot. While you can never completely clear out casino funds through bonus wins, there is a good chance of picking up several decent bonuses per game. There are different types of bonuses you can win when you’re playing a casino slot namely, Click Me bonuses, Free Spins and Arcade bonuses. Click Me bonuses are quite simple, requiring the simple click of a button to reveal extra winnings while Arcade bonuses offer a separate game which is embedded inside the slot game. This additional game carries extra winnings that you can pick up to add to your general funds. Casino slots free spins allow you to spin the reels multiple times for free which further increases your chances of winning the jackpot. Some casino slots offer no deposit free spins online but the terms and conditions for playing will differ from game to game.

What are slot games

Slot games, sometimes known as Fruit Machines, pokies, piggies or simply, the slots are a variation of casino games that you play on specially designed machines. The aim of a slot game is to spin the reels and hope that you land a winning combination. There is no specific strategy to winning slot games which makes them very appealing to players without a lot of gambling experience.

A little background on slot machines

The first slot machine was invented in 1891 by Pitt and Sittman in New York, United States. The machine was a hit with gamblers, especially in local bars and soon, it took over local and international casinos. Between the period of 1887 to 1895, Charles Fey redeveloped a new slot machine that was simpler to use and by 1907, extra features were added to make the machine more lively and convenient to use. Currently, the slot machine is one of the most popular games in the gambling world with many people appreciating its simplicity and regular payouts.

 How fair are slot games on online casinos?

As simple and fun as slot games are, some players have found themselves stuck in winless streaks with seemingly no way out. To top it off, some players struggle to win even the smallest of bonuses and often walk away defeated. In all honesty, this usually happens when you are playing at an untrustworthy casino or on a dodgy site. Overall, casinos already make plenty of money from the deposits they receive from players. Even so, they still need to draw the attention of more players to continue expanding their businesses. As such, they choose to keep slot games as fair as possible to ensure that players are not turned off.

Which slot games are popular in the UK?

There are plenty of slots that you can play ranging from basic fruit machines to the more entertaining themed slots. However, some slots stand out above the rest for their features, themes and winning possibilities. Currently, the most popular slot games in the UK are:

  • Starburst
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Beach Life
  • A night out


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